One More Time. Just Do It Again.


Just this past week, I unearthed some Swift code I wrote almost three years ago. Naturally, it no longer works whatsoever without a considerable refactor. I gave it a once over, and realised how far I'd come in terms of what I could write then, and what I can now.

She’s Kinda Ghetto But Still Like, You Know….Eloquent


The default UIRefreshControl is completely adequate. Why?

It does what it says on the tin — it enables the user to control when the app they’re using reloads, and to see when that’s happening.

I’m writing this because I wanted to add branding to my app. You sometimes need to…

I'm still on this weird "retro thing" too!

…and your app, too. Because why not?

Even if you only know a tiny amount of Swift or Objective-C, chances are you've seen UIColor before. It’s an incredibly common occurrence in just-about every app, because a developer uses UIColor whenever they wish to change the textColor of a UILabel, or the backgroundColor of a UIView.

For the…

Add a little sugar to your LaunchScreen

2021 Update

Have you ever been frustrated by the unexplainable restrictions imposed by Apple on LaunchScreen storyboards? I know I have!

If you don’t know what I mean, open Xcode then try to give a custom class to the view controller in the LaunchScreen.storyboard file. …

This is what happens when you divide by zero.

This isn’t scrolling. This is looping with style!

Thinking Differently… Again.

Disclaimer: This post assumes you’ve looked at and maybe even completed Part I.

There come times when writing software, where you need to rethink, refine and transform whatever it is you’re writing, in order to make it work with sudden — and often unexpected — curveball use cases. It’s never…

Benjamin J. Deckys

Aussie iOS Engineer based in Tokyo, Japan | 日英可

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